The Rules – 3 Things You Should Know About K-1

Each day the amount of fighting disciplines increases and with them the rules under which those disciplines must be practice too. One of those practices is Kickboxing or K-1 which actually has several variations on practice and rules as well.

Today we are going to be letting you know all about this very difficult and strict discipline, especially about the crucial things you should know of K-1 practice in a specific and amazing place, being nothing more than the incredible and crowded metropolitan of Monaco, the center of many practices in the world.

Mandatory Rules

The first thing you should know about it is that such a discipline has a set of rules that is mandatory to follow. If you really are drawn to the idea of being a good athlete or K-1 fighter, you have to follow these mandatory rules.

In combat, K-1 is not allowed to be used whenever you want to. This means that you have to accomplish certain parameters to use it, such as percussive techniques of which the duration cannot be longer than a minimum of five-seconds.

kick in man - The Rules – 3 Things You Should Know About K-1

High Kicks Are Required

Moreover, it is necessary that the kick has to be worn, on the tibia or even on a higher part of the opponent’s body.

Neck Is Allowed

In the case of flying hits, the neck is allowed. With this kind of attack, a flying knee, you can beat the neck which could actually allow you to use other techniques which could lead to you defeating your opponent.

Not a lot of people know about the strict rules under which K-1 has to be practiced. Hopefully, with this article, you will realize that K-1 is a complicated mixture of mental and physical strength made not for everybody so be sure to know it before practice it.

4 Interesting Facts about the History of K-1

Ancient sports like K1 are coming to light again, and each day becomes more famous. This sport of combat is extending its borders to America. Find out more about the history of K1.

K1 Emerged In Japan

K-1 has its origins in 1980, the year in which Kazuyoshi Ishii created the style of Full Contact Seidokaikan in the city of Osaka.

From 1980 to 1993, Kazuyoshi Ishii organized numerous bouts of Seidokaikan against other martial arts schools initially using rules based on the rules of Kyokushin Karate but later gradually adapting to the rules of what we all now known as kickboxing.

But, it was in 1993 when Kazuyoshi Ishii, advised by Akira Maeda, founded the K-1 organization, and in that same year, the first edition of the K-1 World Grand Prix was held at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

The development of this sports discipline was accompanied by live broadcasts on regional television in Osaka that gained great acceptance by the public and brought the K1 matches to the Japanese national television.

man practice kick - 4 Interesting Facts about the History of K-1

In the ’80s, new disciplines of contact sports and Karate schools were created worldwide. There was a growth of combats in Holland and Thailand, of fights to fist in the boxing league of Burma, in triathlons with the disciplines Karate, Kickboxing and fights of Kung Fu in the United States.


Since its foundation in 1993 until 2010, the organization has been growing every year organizing events with smaller circuits in various countries in Europe, Oceania and East Asia as well as America and South Africa. Its main event, the K-1 World Grand Prix, where the best kickboxers of the year face each other, will continue to compete every year in Japan, becoming known all over the world.

Financial Problems

As of 2010, many rumors began to emerge about the financial problems of K-1 and its company Fighting and Entertainment Group. In January 2011, Simon Rutz, owner of the Dutch kickboxing promotion It’s Showtime, claimed that some of the kickboxers under the rights of It’s Showtime had not received the salary corresponding to their participation in events organized by K-1.


Combat can end up by knockout, technical knockout, the decision of a jury or by disqualification. Both the referee and the ring doctor have full authority to stop the fight.

The combat is followed by three judges who score in a ten-point system, with the winner of each round receiving ten points, and the loser receiving nine or less. If the round is tied, both fighters receive ten points.

If there is still a tie, the judges will decide a winner based on the flow of the entire match, taking into account the slightest difference, not only if they make the majority of points.

A fight can only end in a tie if both wrestlers fall at the same time, and they cannot rise, or in the case of accidental injury in the later stages of the bout. The mandatory counting procedure is up to eight.

Now that you know a little more about the history of K1 and everything that happened to get the sport back to the top again, would you like to be a K1 fighter? Share this information with your friends.

Be the Best With 4 Kickboxing Principles That You Should Know

Entering the kickboxing world may seem like a terrifying thing, but actually, it’s more calmed and mental than you’ve ever imagined. Here are some crucial principles you should know.


When you are ready to attack, you can calculate the distance between you and the opponent. If you are not close, try to throw any movement until you end up with him. But, if you are close, just kick him, this will jam his leg.

kickboxing practic - Be the Best With 4 Kickboxing Principles That You Should Know

That is why a scientific fighter has knowledge of the distances because when your distancing skills are sharp, you will measure your opponent and make split-second decisions to make adequate movements.


The full distance is when you can reach your opponents using your legs. Half of the distance is the range when you can reach them using the arms and the closest distance is the range in which you can hit them with uppercuts and hooks. To improve your skills, ask your partner to put on gloves and dance around, your job is to decide what kind of kicks and punches to throw.


To become a martial artist, you must be constant and have patience. If you lack defensive ability, you can win a battle against mediocre opponents, but you probably will not beat the strongest opponents.

practice man - Be the Best With 4 Kickboxing Principles That You Should Know

If you are facing a powerful puncher, rest assured that you will be looking for a target and if his defensive skills are good, you can complicate things for you.

Be brave

In a kickboxing match, try not to feel scared or people will notice, and when you are the weakest you have to deal with many and different situations. You need to be brave, face the situation in the right way and give it your best. When things are going wrong you must keep energy high, manage the fear and tell your partners how you feel, they will support you.

Do not start a kick or a punch without finishing them. You must take the opportunity to hit your opponent, if not, he will have plenty of time to hit you hard! When you decide on a plan, you have to see it through.

The Best Tips If You Want to Bet On K-1 and Win

With K-1 being a competitive sport, it is quite common to run into betting as it is something that at some point most of the public ends up doing. As you may know, there are some issues that everyone will end up facing while trying to bet.

It is not easy to guess the winner of a fight every time achieving a streak or even sometimes it is difficult to have a single guess and that’s normal. The world is full of odds, but, in the end, everyone follows the same pattern and that is what we’ll be focusing on here.

Here are some interesting details that can help you with your betting experience to succeed and have some wins at some of the most popular US betting sites in the market.

corner - The Best Tips If You Want to Bet On K-1 and Win

Do Some Follow Up

Losing streaks are any athlete’s main enemy, checking the last matches from every participant could lead you into something. Their social media accounts can provide some insightful details so be sure to follow them.

Preparation Is Key

Even though anything can happen in the ring, the participants tend to show up whether or not they are competitive and if they really train and prepare. Be sure you know whether or not your athlete has trained sufficiently as this is an important factor.

sparring - The Best Tips If You Want to Bet On K-1 and Win

Mind and Body

Recent events involving the participants could have some repercussions over the matches, such events that mess with the mind such as social breakups or physical issues such as injuries could result in a defeat.

Those were the main 3 tips for betting on K-1. Remember, even though anything is possible while talking about sports, the participants can tell you a lot if you just focus on the small but significant details.

3 Things to Consider Before Betting On K-1

Watching K-1 combat is such an amazing way of having fun and also an exciting way to increase adrenaline. But even if we can’t fight as professional athletes, we can be part of the combat somehow. That is possible when you bet money on who you think may be the best fighter.

In the Principality of Monaco, the place where you can bet on this kind of combat, it is legal to bet on K-1. There are however some strict rules that you need to consider before betting, so you can be prepared to do it having no risk of losing everything you own.

man money - 3 Things to Consider Before Betting On K-1

Register first

In the first place, you have to be registered with a sportsbook before the combat starts. This gives the sportsbook or online site a guarantee that you won’t change your bet in case you notice that the athlete you bet on is going to lose the combat.

Keep the record straight

In the second place, it is highly recommended that you check the fighter’s record of wins, so it will be easier for you to know who is a better athlete. In order for you to make the best decision you’ll need to take the athlete’s history into consideration.

records - 3 Things to Consider Before Betting On K-1

Monaco took the lead

Thirdly, you have to know that this is such a great practice and discipline that each day more and more people are getting close with the betting business in the Principality of Monaco. The profitability of betting on K-1 is a major driving factor of those who bet on it.

Now that we have given you the best warnings before betting, you are more than ready to start being a part of this rewarding practice. Don’t be afraid and make use of our tips and start your journey on betting on K-1.

Before Your Bet – Key Differences Between K-1 And Muay Thai to Be Aware Of

Sports, while seen for the first time, may seem pretty simple and confusing, and if you don’t really know about it, it could be quite an easy job to call them by another name when there are many subcategories of the same sport.

And this simple rule applies to Kickboxing, which houses K-1 and Muay Thai. At first, it may seem confusing but at the end, you’ll have a better understanding of the key differences between these two sports. Things to keep in mind include rules, basic knowledge, and different use or control over different parts of the body.

These are the main differences between K-1 and Muay Thai that will help you place better bets.

Different Genres

This one is pretty simple. Muay Thai is mainly considered a martial art as well as a contact sport while K-1 is considered as a combat sport and a promotion for the martial arts.

muay thai fight - Before Your Bet – Key Differences Between K-1 And Muay Thai to Be Aware Of

Different Rules

As said before, the main difference between the two centers around the rules and what is allowed. In that case, we could say that Muay Thai contains much more elbow and knee techniques and participants are allowed to grab while in K-1 they focus on clear strikes.

Different Origins

Obviously, every sport has to have an origin, in this case, Muay Thai or the art of eight limbs originated in Thailand literally meaning “Thailand Boxing” while K-1 was created in 1993 as a Martial Art promotion originating from Kickboxing.

And with those three differences we conclude this simple but useful list. Now it is easy for us to appreciate that Muay Thai is a much rougher sport that has more freedom than K-1 being able to use elbow and knee strikes as well as grabs.

Knowing these key differences and the basics on the sports will allow you to place smarter bets. We trust that you will enjoy betting on K-1 and find it to be a very rewarding experience. Good luck!