The Rules – 3 Things You Should Know About K-1

fight man - The Rules – 3 Things You Should Know About K-1

Each day the amount of fighting disciplines increases and with them the rules under which those disciplines must be practice too. One of those practices is Kickboxing or K-1 which actually has several variations on practice and rules as well.

Today we are going to be letting you know all about this very difficult and strict discipline, especially about the crucial things you should know of K-1 practice in a specific and amazing place, being nothing more than the incredible and crowded metropolitan of Monaco, the center of many practices in the world.

Mandatory Rules

The first thing you should know about it is that such a discipline has a set of rules that is mandatory to follow. If you really are drawn to the idea of being a good athlete or K-1 fighter, you have to follow these mandatory rules.

In combat, K-1 is not allowed to be used whenever you want to. This means that you have to accomplish certain parameters to use it, such as percussive techniques of which the duration cannot be longer than a minimum of five-seconds.

kick in man - The Rules – 3 Things You Should Know About K-1

High Kicks Are Required

Moreover, it is necessary that the kick has to be worn, on the tibia or even on a higher part of the opponent’s body.

Neck Is Allowed

In the case of flying hits, the neck is allowed. With this kind of attack, a flying knee, you can beat the neck which could actually allow you to use other techniques which could lead to you defeating your opponent.

Not a lot of people know about the strict rules under which K-1 has to be practiced. Hopefully, with this article, you will realize that K-1 is a complicated mixture of mental and physical strength made not for everybody so be sure to know it before practice it.

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