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This site is dedicated to placing the most recent information about K-1 fights, mixed martial arts and about the fights of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Fans of K1 is a 100% secure site with a user-friendly interface without any kind of failures. We aim to captivate our readership with high-quality content, never losing sight of what our readers want to see.

We also offer a wide variety of articles about K-1 with the added option to share them on your social networks and show them to your friends. You can also join the chats of the fights videos that are uploaded to the page. Get ready to meet lots of people, with the same interest in this amazing discipline.

On our platform, you will find the blog where you have instant access to the latest news published by our team. So to those who join the blog, now is the chance to invite some friends to join the website and start enjoying the content. You can expect the latest news, updates and more including many elements to have fun.

Joining the best features we have, which are networking and live chat when the fights are being streamed live. We could say that our page has an interface, not only easy to manage, but also attractive for everyone who wants to see K-1 fights, thus turning it into a successful webpage.

Another of our best virtues is the security of our website, as we have a great defense server to protect our information, and yours. Additionally, we do have a technical staff that works 24 hours a day, and they always take care and are aware of any computer attack toward us.

We really like combat sports, specifically K-1, and the better way to share this interest with everyone is through a site and blog about combat sports, such as kickboxing and others.

One of the Japanese combat sports that attracts more followers today is K1, it comes from the Kickboxing discipline and has taken techniques from other Western and Eastern martial arts.

In the section of K-1 you can find photos, articles with verified information, a calendar marking the future tournaments, and more. You can also see a ranking of all the fighters, and you will even see the champions, without a doubt, this is a page created for your entertainment.