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Kickboxing is a combat sport of Japanese origin and western development, in which the techniques of boxing are mixed with the kicking techniques of some martial arts such as karate, and the ancient art of Muay Thai. Although it is not considered a traditional formative martial art or Gendai budō par excellence, it is currently considered as a combat sport.

It has its origins in western boxing, Japanese karate, and Thailand Muay Thai, also called “Thai boxing”. The athlete Osamu Noguchi was the son of a famous heavyweight champion.

As a child, he had practiced the sport until he suffered a back injury and had to leave. He became a promoter and organizer of boxing fights in Japan, and made several trips to Thailand, where he met Naront Siri, Muay Thai teacher.

This sport uses, in general terms, the same protections like buccal, shorts, gloves, which meet the specific characteristics as boxers do in their regulation. Also, padded helmet and facilities from boxing like the ring are used, with the exception that we must also protect the legs.

On the other hand, MMA is the combination of fighting techniques, coming from various traditional and modern martial arts, used for competition in combat sports or non-armed personal defense.

The current combat sport that allows the use of mixed martial arts is the greatest contact activity that exists since it allows both the use of techniques to fight standing and blows (striking, punches, kicks, knees or elbows).

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